Fiber Laser Engravers

We are proud to announce that American Engraver fiber lasers are now available for purchase. We offer both a 30 Watt & 50 Watt capabilities. The AE-30 Watt is a great middle of the road for doing both artistic markings, along with deep engraving. Our AE-50 Watt Fiber Laser can you get you there quicker. All of our machines come with a 4″ and an 8″ lens featuring dual LED focusing built into our galvo heads for a quick lens change. Forget about having to re-calibrate each time you switch a lens. Our machines are compatible with Windows 10 64-Bit! We also offer an option rotary attachment for doing cups, pens, suppressors or anything you need to rotate. We also include our very own software called Fiberworx allowing you to create your very own material settings database! Visit our Instagram page to see more of the work that has been done with our Fiber lasers!

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